Hackathon 4

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December Hackathon for Marine Coders registration is open! Wed, Dec 16 0830 - 1700 EST. We’ll be focusing on cleaning up the website and adding a few features; subscription, project proposal, and event page. (https://marinecoders.github.io) We also have a great guest speaker, Miles Tiglao (USMC, ret.). Drawing from 23 years of Marine Corps experience and 10 years in the IT industry, Miles Tiglao will discuss how you can transition from coding pet projects to developing enterprise applications. Are you satisfied coding in a dark room or do you want to make an organizational impact? After a 30-minute presentation discussing how to shift your thinking, we will have 30 minutes allotted for a Q&A period. You can register for the Hackathon (0830 - 1600 EST), the speaker + hackathon (0830 - 1700 EST), or just the speaker (1600 - 1700 EST)