Who are Marine Coders

Marine Coders is a non-official organization comprised of Active Duty/Reserve Marines, Marine Veterans, and U.S. Citizens who want to help Marines through code.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Marines to compete in the digital operating environment through access to modern software development tools, techniques, procedures, and resources.

Our Vision

Any Marine is empowered to build software to meet mission. (Any Marine a Coder)

Our Offerings

  • Open Source Repository to host and collaborate on projects
  • Make Marines aware of software development residencies, internships, and other opportunities across the Department of Defense
  • Host events and hackathons for professional development
  • Chat service for professional dialogue amongst our members

Who can Join

Marine Coders membership is open to all Active Duty/Reserve Marines, Marine Veterans, and U.S. Citizens.

Open Source

Marine Coders follows the guidance published by the United States Chief Information Officer in 2016, the Federal Open Source Policy.