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COVID Tracker Scanner

A technology based solution using Common Access Cards and a scanner to hygienically track COVID for a stand-alone location. Tracker Repository

MARADMIN Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot to tweet Marine Administrative Messages (MARADMINS) as they are published online. Follow ‘MarineMsgBot’ to get real time updates on your own Twitter feed! Project Repository

Link to App - In Progress

  • UPDATE: MVP#1 Released!
  • Use Chrome to open this webapp.
  • Known Issues: Header does not display correctly for page 2 and on. This will be fixed in MVP#2. Page Numbers coming soon. Known issues with javascript blocked on MCEN Internet Explorer and Edge.
  • This application will automatically format your Naval Letter Format so you don’t have to waste days of your life in routing. Source Code

MCEN Group Automation

P1 GitLab Repository (Requires Authentication)

  • Purpose: To automate MCEN Groups by adding and removing users based on unit rosters. This program seeks to improve the process of managing Active Directory groups.

  • Problem: Information Security Clerks (ISC) are usually tasked out to update distribution lists. These distribution lists usually include hundreds to thousands of individuals, because of the size of these groups it is easy to overlook users who are not authorized.

  • Execution: Using Active Directory library in PowerShell automate the process of “scanning” through users, determine which users need to be added to which groups and remove users who are no longer required to be on the distribution list. Managing Active Directory Groups is important because it maintains a clean, healthy, and secure Active Directory environment.

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